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Building Visit 

Megatron, Sheffield

6:00pm - 8:00pm, Saturday 16th July 2022

Delivered by Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust and Howl Bushcraft.

Meeting place to be confirmed by email prior to the event.

Image credit: Sheaf and Porter Rivers Trust

Join the Sheffield Society of Architects for a tour exploring the hidden rivers of Sheffield and visit the World famous Megatron culvert! *Please read the requirements below


This tour is only open to Sheffield city region based RIBA members (of any kind), as it is discounted from the Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust's usual price. Your membership number will be required upon booking. The S&PRT run regular tours, so if you are not an RIBA member, you may wish to book with them directly -

Please click the button above to register.

The ticket price is £15. The majority of the proceeds of your ticket go to helping the Sheaf & Porter Rivers Trust in their attempts to renaturalise and champion the inner city rivers for the people and wildlife of Sheffield.


This exciting tour is led by experienced professional guides from local adventure training company, ‘Howl Bushcraft’, and will last approximately 2 hours. It is a walking tour going underground exploring the hidden rivers of central Sheffield.


Megatron, Sheffield, is a Victorian subterranean storm drain, which was built in the 1800's. The culverts were built for a variety of reasons, some of which are, to build the railway station, as part of the expanding markets and structures, and to hide the open sewers.
We will be wading, crawling, and standing to marvel at the Victorian engineering, learning about the history, biodiversity and future of these mysterious and sometimes unintentionally beautiful places. 

Subject to conditions on the day tours will aim to go as far as the “Megatron” culvert.



Ticket holders must be present at least 10 minutes prior to their tour for their safety briefing and helmet provision (failure to do so may result in not being permitted on the tour without refund or compensation).

You are not required to bring your ticket with you, as we will have a registration list with us.

Safety helmets and lamps will be provided.

You will be walking in the river and water levels can be as high as 30cm in some sections so you should wear full-size wellington boots or waders (hiking boots are acceptable but bear in mind you will have wet feet for the duration), waterproof trousers (optional but ideal as you may get wet) and may wish to bring a walking pole or stick to help with balance. Please bring spare clothes (especially socks) for after the trip as you may get wet.

In view of the environment and safety considerations, participants need to be confident walking on uneven, slippery surfaces with flowing water, and happy to crawl or stoop in certain sections.

Tours may be called off in the event of high-water conditions or forecast of heavy rain. A full refund will be offered in this case or in the case that changes in government rules require the cancelling of the event. Otherwise refunds are not available. You may transfer your ticket to somebody else as long as they too are an RIBA member. You must email us about this change and provide the new participant's name and RIBA membership number.

Important: Please feel free to have a drink and a bite to eat after your tour but please do not drink alcohol or take other drugs prior to your tour. If your guide feels that you are under the influence, have not met any of the conditions mentioned above or are wearing unsuitable footwear (any footwear that is open or does not provide suitable protection or grip will be deemed unsuitable) then you will not be permitted to take part in the tour and will not receive a refund or other compensation.


No smoking or animals are permitted.

Privacy Notice

When registering for this event you consent that your submitted data will be collected and that we (SSA) will hold onto the information and may use you it to notify you about this and other events you may be interested in. You also agree that we may pass your information to the event venue and hosts and third parties affiliated with the event or similar events organised by SSA. Please be aware events are to be recorded and published.

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Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
Building Visit | Megatron
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