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Gripple - Riverside

Date TBC

Riverside, Carbrook Street, Sheffield S9 2JE

Tour led by - Gripple UK

A two-part tour series of two Gripple manufacturing / production facilities.

Gripple is a Sheffield based manufacturer of wire joining, tensioning and wire suspension systems. The name comes from the devices feature to “grip” and “pull” wire.​

It originated as a manufacturer of field fencing, barbed wire and fencing staples in 1984 by Hugh Facey and registered as Gripple in 1989 and now sells across Europe, US and Australia. Recently is has expanded its newest facility, Riverside, investing £2million into an additional 7000sqft production space “dubbed the ‘industrial cathedral’ by the company, because of its ‘stained glass’ colour windows.


You can find out more about the company here:

Gripple Riverside
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