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Steve Roche Stonemason

Evening CPD & Social

6pm - 7pm, 22nd August 2019

The Well, Floor 16, Arts Tower, Bolsover Street, S3 7NA

CPD by - Steve Roche


Steve Roche is a Letter Carver and Stonemason specialising in handmade inscriptions and traditional masonry techniques. With work ranging from formal hand-cut memorials to restoration of old buildings to public art projects.

Over the last few years Steve has been commissioned to do a number of public art projects: - a 12-ton Yorkstone boulder with a stags head pattern motif. - turning local Mosborough residents thumbprints into geometric labyrinths cut in stone. - a fossil-limestone boulder with a sycamore seed carved in the top and a poem spiralling round the stone in the motion of the seed. You can have a look at his site here


Steve will be talking about:

-  His previous work with housebuilders, architects and community groups, concepting public art projects to best benefit the stakeholders and fulfil the planning conditions.

-  Stone selection and using traditional techniques in contemporary ways.

-  Inscription design, from dip-pen and ink to mallet and chisel on stone.

There will be a limited selection of drinks free of charge at the CPD following which we will continue the social event at the University Arms.

RIBA Core Curriculum :

Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering

Knowledge level:

General Awareness

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