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CPD - Delivering Sustainability

and Zero Carbon with MMC

Delivered by Ian Astley of Innovare

1-2pm, Wednesday 2nd March 2022

Focussing on MMC Category 2 (pre-manufactured 2D panelised primary structure), this Webinar will include:


  • A brief introductory history of offsite, early architectural influencers and current key industry drivers.

  • A running theme of sustainability throughout the presentation on how SIP's/MMC impacts sequestered, embodied, and operational carbon.

  • A look at the nature of SIP solutions covering fire, air tightness & U Value standards and compliance.

  • We have recently introduced an Embodied Carbon Calculator and will provide evidence and show the process involved.

  • We will consider the process of how specialist manufacturers and designers can collaborate through shared expertise and BIM platforms to deliver snag and performance gap free projects.

  • Finally, to complete we cover a selected proven case study before a short Q&A to close.

A copy of the presentation and certificates for those in attendance can be made available following the event upon request.

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