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The Light Cinema

2pm - 3pm, Tuesday 4th April

The Moor, Sheffield, S1 4PF

Tour led by - Phil Dove

This month we had a great tour around the new Light Cinema, part of the new development on the Moor which is opening in Spring 2017.  Led by Phil Dove, the UK Brand Manager for Light Cinemas and Ian Little The Light's Design Team Architect from Burrows Little, the tour took in the main areas of the cinema that will be open to the public, as well as some of the private areas so that we could see how it all works.  The cinema occupies the top floors of the new development, which provides a link through from the Moor to Charter Row, as well as shops and restaurants.


The Light's Cinemas have developed over the years since they were founded 10 years ago, to reflect the new and ever changing needs of the cinema-going public - something they will continue to do.  Indeed, during the design of this facility, changes in the style of seating to be installed (from standard to a more relaxed and roomy layout with wine holders and footstools) altered the whole design of the screens, the rake of the seating and the spaces they link to, such as the toilets that nestle in the space below.


Interestingly the new 'foyer' spaces, are also different to those normally seen at a cinema, with spaces to relax, eat and drink, as Phil noted, to make them more of a 'destination' rather than just something to pass through.  Vibrant banners of art produced locally hang in the centre, with coloured frames dividing the space up into distinct areas.  The bar has local beers on tap and the concessions stands sell the standard fare, but from Sheffield suppliers.


At the end of the tour we visited the projection room, which is something which has undoubtedly changed the most through the evolution of cinema.  A relatively empty space, the films are emailed to the cinema, loaded onto the machines one day a week and then left alone unless there are any faults - very different from the era of 16mm film and projectionists!  Did you realise that your cinema viewing was now so computerized?


This tour was so popular it had a waiting list, so we will try and arrange another for you soon!


You can find out more about the project here:

Exterior of the Cinema from The Moor
Internal lighting
Brightly coloured, innovative seats
Concessions Area
Projection Room
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