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Corian CPD & Factory Tour - Modern Solid Surfaces: Invention, Manufacture and Design

Lunchtime CPD

1pm - 2pm, 22nd July 2016

Whitehead Commercial Interiors, Unit 2 Bankside Works,

Darnall Road, Sheffield, S9 5AH

CPD by - Dupont Corian

This presents a fantastic opportunity to see their newly extended facilities and the full range of fabrication services they provide.

Corian will display their 5 Axis CNC capable of delivering the most challenging designs; Thermoforming technology which allows them to bend and shape Corian bringing to life your conceptual designs


There will also be examples of transluscency and the lighting effects you can create with Corian and Sublimation which entails tattooing designs into the surface of the material.

The seminar provides an overview of: 

- Raw materials. 

- Processes of manufacturing. 

- The uses and application of the materials themselves. 

- How to specify.  

- Raw materials and composition. 

- Solid surface characteristics. 

- Properties of a solid surface. 

- Manufacture – sheet, matrix sheet and shape products. 

- Adhesives

RIBA Core Curriculum:
- Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering

Knowledge level:

General Awareness

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