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Sheffield Retail Quarter Walking Workshop, 2016.

In October 2016, we held a great walking workshop around the proposed new Sheffield Retail Quarter, in conjunction with Sheffield Urban Design Week.

More information about the proposed retail quarter can be found here:


The key design features of the redevelopment are:


          - Extending Fargate

          - Creating stronger links from the Peace Gardens across Pinstone Street

          - Strengthening links with The Moor


Neil Orpwood, the SSA Treasurer, chaired the walk, and led the group from the Millennium Galleries to the edge of the retail quarter and along the new main routes proposed by Sheffield City Council.  He helpfully provided maps of the existing and proposed layouts to the group, and highlighted the main changes to the urban grain, buildings to be demolished along the route and key new buildings proposed as the tour progressed.


Sheffield City Council's map of the proposals is below:

The event attracted a range of people, from professionals working within architecture, to students and the general public and encouraged lots of debate!


Some of the photos from the walk are below

Retail Quarter Walk
Retail Quarter Walk
Retail Quarter Walk
Retail Quarter Walk
Retail Quarter Walk
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