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AMRC Factory 2050

29th March 2016

Sheffield Business Park, Europa View, Sheffield S9 1ZA

Tour led by - Bond Bryan Architects

Led by Jon Rigby from Bond Bryan and Mark Stringfellow of AMRC we were introduced the futuristic building in both its architecture and manufacturing facility inside. Jon Rigby led the introduction to the design of the first reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility, providing us with a fantastic brochure introducing the project. The introduction was held in a glass clad office overlooking the office space in the ground of the circular factory.

The factory, built on land with was part of the disused Sheffield City Airport, comprises of three sections, MKI, MKII and a glazed link between the two. The circular layout of the main factory, MKI, is in contrast to the traditional rectangular factory fully closed off to its surrounding, MKII, that houses the more sensitive work. The circular factory is fully glazed allowing building users to be able to view the assembly line and offering unique views for those approaching the building.  The building is serviced from below with a fire escape route running underneath the open plan factory space and connecting to the glass office space via a protected stair enclosure

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