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Blackburn Meadows Renewable Energy Plant

24th January 2017

12 A631, Sheffield S9 1HF

Tour led by - Blackburn Meadows

In January we had a great tour around the new biomass power station at Blackburn Meadows Renewable Energy Plant.
Led by fantastic staff from E.ON and Mihalis Walsh from Architects BDP, the tour took in the new buildings, created to give a striking new landmark to the city, reflecting the iconic nature of the Tinsley Towers that stood on the site for 70 years.

The plant became operational in 2014 and was awarded the Best Building Award at the Sheffield Design Awards in 2016.

A range of materials enclose the compact plant, with black profiled steel and brick reflecting the context, and orange illuminated polycarbonate and green roofs adding some interest. We were led around the plant, learning that waste wood is collected locally and used in the CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant to provide heating and power to buildings in the vicinity, it is said to expand later on, heating the new IKEA Sheffield.


You can find out more about the company here:

Blackburn Meadows Rooftop
Biomass Storage
Transport system
Blackburn Meadows Exterior
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