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The Mowbray

1pm - 2pm, Monday 26th November 2018

118 Mowbray Street, Sheffield S3 8EN

Tour led by - The Mowbray and 93ft

Designed to look like a Methodist Church, the Steel and Iron Merchants built in 1889 had fallen into a derelict state until it was overhauled over 3 years into a state-of-the-art lifestyle venue – The Mowbray.

The Mowbray renovated by Creative Design Agency 93ft, is a venue designed to host a variety of events with a capacity to host 200 people and has become the new headquarters for 93ft. It features a commercial kitchen, a herbarium, workspace and includes a roof garden all finished using artisans from within a mile radius to complete the project.

“We believe in supporting local businesses, there are some incredible manufacturers and artisans. It feels good. I’m proud to say we support people in Sheffield. It’s a working relationship we have had on all the projects we push through 93ft.”


You can find out more about the project here:

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