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S1 Artspace series tour - Park Hill

1pm - 2pm, October 19th

Park hill, S2 5QX

Tour led by - S1 Artspace

With a vision to become a new destination for art & culture in Sheffield, it will feature one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the North of England. Led by S1 Artspace with the support of Urban Splash the project, at Park Hill,  will consist of artist studios, creative business workspaces, a research institute, a  public archive, café, sculpture park and more. Projected to launch in 2019/20 we will be holding a series of tours following the project from start to finish.

“This is more than an arts development this is about recognising the pivotal role of culture in shaping the future of the city. This is about building Sheffield’s reputation as a cit of culture on the world stage” Louise Hutchinson – Artistic Director, S1 Artspace

A series of tours following the development of the project. The first tour in the series will be an introduction to the project and vision.


Buildling visit -Park Hill - S1 Artspace
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