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Grosvenor House/ HSBC

2:30pm, 26th April 2018

Charter Square, Sheffield S1 4HS

Tour led by - BAM and Leonard Design

A tour of HSBC/ Grosvenor House by BAM and Leonard Design

Grosvenor House in reference to the previous occupier Grosvenor hotel is to become a landmark within Heart of the City II (formerly known Sheffield Retail Quarter). Designed by Leonard Design and constructed by BAM it comprises of approximately 15,000sq m office space and 6,000 sq m retail and restaurant space, expected completion in 2019.

 “The design has been created to make a strong positive architectural statement within the city”

As the tour will take place during construction guests are required to wear PPE (Sturdy/ Safety boots, Hi-Viz, goggles, gloves) during the tour.


Free event but places are limited


You can find out more about the project here:

Building visit- Grosvenor House/HSBC
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